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Havana is an AI assistant that helps enrollment teams qualify leads, follow up, and schedule appointments.

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Your leads are slipping through the cracks.

Many of the enquiries an institution receive end up neglected. Here's why:

Some channels, like ads & international markets, produce too many unqualified leads to sift through.

Your enrollment team stops reaching out after just 2 or 3 unanswered emails and calls.

Students take months to make a decision, but your enrollment team struggles to follow up.

An AI assistant that converts leads while you sleep.

Havana reaches out to leads you don't have time to engage. Our AI starts a conversation, qualifies the lead, then hands over to your enrollment team when they are ready to chat.

What can I do with Havana?

Re-activate leads

Follow up with unresponsive leads, recovering leads that you would have given up on.

Qualify leads

Give low-converting leads to our AI. We qualify and hand over the warm leads to you.

Answer routine questions

Save your team from answering questions about fees, eligibility, and other FAQs.

Respond faster

When a student registers interest on your website, they get an email within 5 minutes.

Schedule calls

Handle the back-and-forth of finding time for a call so your team doesn't have to.

Assess eligibility

Explain entry requirements and filter out students that aren't eligible.

"15% of our conversions came from our AI assistant. I can't imagine doing without it."

Head of Student Recruitment of a European university

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